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2017-09-06 19:50:15 by p19990

Dear followers, people or xenomorphs
We have 3 projects on march, one is this, the bigger of them because it include more content.
Homever, the other 2 need more concentration and work, it means that this project will take a pause until we can finish the other two first. Don't worry, you will hear again about us
See you later, P&P games

Farewell Flash

2017-07-24 22:10:27 by p19990

Long time without updates, but here we are again, with news: WE ARE MOVING TO UNITY.
Unfortunately, Flash as game platform is dying, It's not popular anymore (old gold times) then, we are gonna to use Unity with more quality, performance and multi platform option . Thanks for reading!3634191_150094859861_n.png

Scan mode

2017-05-29 21:26:00 by p19990


by pussydestroyer98


Do you like knifes?

2017-05-14 12:59:28 by p19990


Dangerous Lift

2017-05-13 09:44:44 by p19990


Robot Granny

2017-04-10 22:23:54 by p19990


What about a Robot Clone?


Anarchist Grandma social

2017-04-02 13:25:07 by p19990

Now on twitter: https://twitter.com/AnarchistGranny

And the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AnarchistGrandma/

Don't forget to follow her: http://pussydestroyer98.newgrounds.com/follow

PClock ransomware cripted all my work (but there's hope)

2017-03-08 18:09:02 by p19990

Hey there guys

I'm typing here just to say how sad I am cuz of that fucker virus that take all my work to hell. I'm angry sad and depresed, yeah, what a feelings cocktail. I need to say 3 things about this
1. Be careful, this virus is new and there isn't any decrypter available (yet :D), but seriously, It came in a torrent and I never expected that, don't be stupid with security, backup your important files and protect your PC.

2. I have 2 files (they're the same) one crypted and the other no crypted, if you know if I can do something with they to solve the problem it would be wonderful.

3. And finally, I discovered that with the .swf you can decompile the file and get the .fla back so...THERE'S HOPE: ANARCHIST GRANDMA IS ALIVE

Thank you for reading, It's just a download of my feelings and the situation.

Check the Anarchist Grandma facebook page for more info (spanish and english): https://www.facebook.com/AnarchistGrandma/

Love, P19990



2017-03-04 10:03:59 by p19990


Thank you everybody!!! three thousands of views. I can't believe this, IT'S AWESOME!!!!

Maze .0 V2 will be released soon

Hope you will be there for the update too! ;)

Thank you again